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friendmade® studio Spaces

At friendmade® studio we have a special fondness for spaces. Your hotel, business space, store, museum or brand space is your single most direct and personal point of interaction with your customer. Where people meet, mingle and make friends, brand flourishes. That is why we develop timeless yet contemporary interior concepts. Unique experiences that merge brand, style, information, activation, interaction, and of course art.

Interior Design – Nosh Nosh, Berlin

Hospitality Concept Sketches

Interior Design – Private Mansion

Interior Design – Fivestar Fitness

360° Space design Service.
From perfectly pitched moods
to carefully planned spaces.

- friendmade® studio

Our Turn-Key Services

friendmade® studio translates your space into an interior showcase with masterfully conceived interior branding in action. We accompany your project throughout all phases. From the first mood boards, through detailed technical planning, to a quality realisation supervision, including the selecting and buying of contemporary furniture & art objects. This 360° turn-key service stems from open collaborations with a large network of partners. Each partnership based on dialogue, honesty and a commitment to creating ties that go deeper than individual projects.


What will your project look like when we realize it? Do the colors, furniture and product presentation match the mood of your brand? We realize our concepts in such a way that you already get a precise idea of how it will look later on. With perfectly pitched material & color mood boards, expressive illustrations or 3D renderings.


With our in-house planning team we create all technical drawings for the implementation of your projects. From floor- and furnishing plans to the true-to-scale construction plans for all subsequent suppliers.


Good design, interior and ART are our passion. For our projects we cooperate with a large network of internationally object manufacturers and artists in different style & price ranges. This way your project will be even more unique and of one piece – from the chair to the picture on the wall to the flower decoration.


You want your project to be turnkey, worry-free and within the given budget? For the idea-precise and timely implementation, we create all tender documents for you, obtain offers, coordinate the trades and accompany the implementation of the construction project as a supervisor. is professional project management & implementation from the first exchange of ideas to the day of handover.

Where people meet
& brand flourishes.

With our in-house team and network of partners we create vivid contemporary spaces.

  • Retail & Brand spaces
  • Hotels & Hospitality
  • Restaurants & Bars
  • Workspaces
  • Exhibitions


We build brands. Authentic, vivid, contemporary brands – ready to inspire and open to be inspired.

Branding Services


Express and convey your brand message with art! friendmade® studio connects
like-minded brands and artists.

Brands X Art


friendmade® studio connects brands and art, delivering vivid, contemporary brands, from birth to bond.

About friendmade® studio

"I have worked with friendmade® studio on two major projects. These guys have a genuine eye for details; dedicated and flexible until the end."

Giovanni ErmitoCEO Nosh Nosh Germany

friendmade® studio
An der Elisabethkirche 6
53113 Bonn, Germany
Tel: +49 228 286 910 70
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