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friendmade® studio

Welcome to friendmade® Studio. We believe the highest goal for any brand is to truly befriend its customers. To reach this objective you need to know and be true to yourself, to fully understand your customer, and to be able to adapt to ‘Zeitgeist’. This is why we build brands with solid hearths and fluid spirit. Built on a strong strategic and visual foundation, and filled with artistic life and expression. Ready to express and impress. Ready to build sustainable customer friendships. Ready to inspire and be inspired. We call it contemporary brand.


We build brands. Authentic, vivid, contemporary brands – ready to inspire and open to be inspired.

Branding Services


Express and convey your brand message with art! friendmade® studio connects
like-minded brands and artists.

Brands X Art


We love spaces. Space is where things happen. Where people meet, minds interact and brand flourishes.

Brand Spaces

"I have worked with friendmade® studio on two major projects. These guys have a genuine eye for details; dedicated and flexible until the end."

Giovanni ErmitoCEO Nosh Nosh Germany
friendmade® studio
An der Elisabethkirche 6
53113 Bonn, Germany

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