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We make Brand

Take your website offline. Stop advertising. Drop your products. Now, look at you. What remains? What is still there? Right, your brand! Brand is emotion. A feeling. A thought. Brand is like a person, and what others tell about that person when he’s not in the room. Brand is the result of your behaviour, expressions, actions, non-actions and, moreover, the context you operate in. Brand therefor is in constant motion. friendmade® studio helps you stay ahead of your brand, while staying inline with Zeitgeist. Let’s build contemporary brand!


Nosh Nosh


Brand is truly made,
the moment a company
befriends its customer.

- friendmade® studio

Brand Services

Brand goes far beyond visual identity. It is the sum of your company’s vision, mission, character, and moreover… the way in which those are perceived by your customers. With the right ingredients and strategy we help you mould this perception, so your customers can see you for who you truly are. Under our motto ‘Know yourself, show yourself, grow yourself’, we help you understand your brand, develop your brand and keep your brand contemporary. From brand audit to campaign. From artwork to interior.

Brand Consulting - to KNOW

How can I increase sales? How can I increase credibility? How is my brand perceived? What makes my brand stand out from its competition?

The solution to answering these and other questions lies in first being able to answer the following questions: What makes you you? Why do you do what you do? Who are your target customers? What thrives them?

In a firm dialogue, with workshops, and with grounded research, friendmade® studio helps you answer these questions. As a result we define or optimise your USP’s and mission statement to then accompany you on your way forward.

Is your market niche big enough for sustained growth? Is expansion possible and how can it be financed? We listen, compare, analyse and occasionally will have a glance into our crystal ball, that has grown on us over the past 20 years in branding.

Ask us anything. We’ll ask the right questions, right back at you.
How well do you know your brand? Ain’t entrepreneurship a beautiful mix of emotion and strategy? 😉

Brand Design - to SHOW

A strong and unmistakable verbal and visual identity are two largely important key building blocks of a successful brand. The way we see it, design is never just design. It is a strategic tool; an emotionally charged vehicle for long-term identification.

Well-developed design systems make subsequent brand work easier, both for you as well as for us. Consistency & flexibility are not a contradiction, but a means for evolution. With brand design by friendmade® studio your target group will experience your brand in a vivid, exciting manner at every touchpoint, whether it is on a business card, with a clever app or in your store.

Brand Assets - to GROW

Every single touch-point is part of your brand story and needs to authentically complement it. delivers all assets needed to build and communicate your story – from brand name and logo to website, app or full-on advertising campaign. With an in-house concept and design team, supported by our international network of professional designers and artists, we specialise in lifestyle brands with a strong focus on contemporary, vivid design.

Brand Management

Consistency is the key to recognition. Building a brand image from the ground up is a delicate process and learning to work with it takes time. Guidelines must be established and followed. The easier it is for all parties involved (employees, suppliers, etc.) to adapt these guidelines and implement them in their day-to-day business, the better. provides smart the tools for your brand management – from online brand guides and brand asset archives, to brand implementation workshops.


The exercise of rebranding is quite similar to a classic brand development process,. Rebranding means identifying and preserving the true values of one’s brand, while rethinking its look and vision, and credibly adapting it to the spirit of time. Rebranding is preserving and reinventing. friendmade® studio accompanies you professionally with all needed brand services in this sensitive and exciting process.

Startup Services

Well done, you! You have the business idea of a lifetime, and have decided to go for it! You have gathered your team and together you are ready for the work. Your concept is great. Now… How about some professional assistance on your brand?
Soon you’ll be presenting your company to partners and possibly investors. Did you know investors and partners not only invest in ideas? Ideally they are looking for great ideas wrapped in an awesome brand. Better start building it now.

Especially for startups, offers various early stage packages, such as ‘branding basic’ and ‘investor pitch’.

Find more information here:

Pitch for brand value


friendmade® studio connects brands and art, delivering vivid, contemporary brands, from birth to bond.

About friendmade® studio


Express and convey your brand message with art! friendmade® studio connects
like-minded brands and artists.

Brands X Art


We love spaces. Space is where things happen. Where people meet, minds interact and brand flourishes.

Brand Spaces

"I have worked with friendmade® studio on two major projects. These guys have a genuine eye for details; dedicated and flexible until the end."

Giovanni ErmitoCEO Nosh Nosh Germany

friendmade® studio
An der Elisabethkirche 6
53113 Bonn, Germany
Tel: +49 228 286 910 70
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