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Artist at Work

K-Swiss Court Winston Low

Connecting artists & brands.

Whatever your company, your brand is in constant motion. As it grows on the inside, it is simultaneously subject to an everchanging ‘Zeitgeist’. What does this mean? You need to adapt. How? We believe in brands with solid hearths and fluid spirit; Built on a strong strategic and visual foundation, and filled with contemporary life and expression. Discover what art can do for your brand, as the ideal ingredient to convey your brand’s message while keeping your brand contemporary.

What’s your message?

With an in-house production team and a worldwide network of artists, we offer unique creative branding services. As we connect your brand to one of our artists through a shared message, we spice-up your product, create your next ARTvertising campaign and keep your brand contemporary. Polish your values and creative character, while strengthening you message in the most authentic way possible.

Brand X Artist Mediation

We know brands. We know art. And we know just how to connect both worlds! As a part of friendmade®, we are connected to a large network of artists – from photographers and illustrators, to graffiti artists and painters. As a studio we mediate between you as a brand and them as artists. Let’s find the perfect match to share your message in a unique story.

Product Collaboration

You have a great product and want to make it even more unique? From a pair of sneakers to a car rooftop print, and from your limited edition soda can to artworks for your fashion collection. How about some one-of-a-kind art to spice it up? As our artists do what they do best, we help you integrate their art onto your product. Please find some examples of brand collaborations on this page, and let us know what we can do for you.

Content Collaboration

As a brand, you know the value of content. In short: you need to keep up the pace! Your customers want to be entertained and discover new things on your social media channels constantly. As our artists are always in motion, creating new art, we can deliver exciting, unique and honest content with a message to keep your communication contemporary. As our artists create, we handle the strategy and planning, and keep things inline with your brand.

360° ARTvertising campaign

Have us create an all-round ARTvertising campaign. Together with our artists and in-house strategy and design team, we offer you a unique way of storytelling. Honest, expressive, and on trend. And the best part… we’ve got stories lined-up to be told already.

How does it work?
Our artists are always ready to tell their story and share a message in unique art projects, ready to be born. We’ve collected these un-started art projects that YOU can make your own and use to tell YOUR story. With you as a patron, we initiate the art project that fits your brand message and we document the process with our in-house team of creatives. As a result a new art project that you initiated is born.

What do I get?

With the right content provide by us we offer you a unique story to tell your customers. Think campaign images, videos, a documentary, a website or print campaign, and maybe even… a unique piece of art to show off with at your trade shows. Ask us for upcoming art projects. Together we’ll find the perfect artist match for your brand. We’ll connect you both.

Position your brand as:

  • Unique
  • Creative
  • Innovative
  • Caring
  • Real

Example - Mini Cooper X Artist

Example - Superdrink X Artist
Brand is much like art.
In itself, merely an expression.
In the right context and mind,
potentially, pure emotion.

- friendmade® studio

Our unique artist network.

As a part of the friendmade® brand, we work closely together with many professional creatives and artists featured on This colourful collection of artists is characterised by the unique selection procedure that brings them together. Through collective online votings the artists in the network themselves decide what other creatives are fit for the friendmade® network. True contemporary art, selected from the inside.


We build brands. Authentic, vivid, contemporary brands – ready to inspire and open to be inspired.

Branding Services


friendmade® studio connects brands and art, delivering vivid, contemporary brands, from birth to bond.

About friendmade® studio


We love spaces. Space is where things happen. Where people meet, minds interact and brand flourishes.

Brand Spaces

"I have worked with friendmade® studio on two major projects. These guys have a genuine eye for details; dedicated and flexible until the end."

Giovanni ErmitoCEO Nosh Nosh Germany

friendmade® studio
An der Elisabethkirche 6
53113 Bonn, Germany
Tel: +49 228 286 910 70
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